Thursday, September 20, 2012

05 - Dreamwizard's Warmachine/Hordes Football League

At Dreamwizards we have just kicked-off a Football style Match-up League, very similar to the one originated by Focus & Fury.  Below is a description of the league.  Pics and Injury reports will be reported as the league progresses.

Welcome to the 2012 Football League - The Champions League!
-1 Game Each Week, There will be 2 makeup weeks at the end of the regular season if needed
- 35 Point Regular Season / 50 Point Playoffs
- Use the scenario listed under each week's assignment

-Playoffs - From each Conference, the Division Leaders + Next 2 Best Records will move onto the playoffs.  Anyone who doesn't qualify for the playoffs can participate in the Whelp Tournament.  Playoffs are single elimination.
Injuries - Any character (C on their card) killed during a game must sit out one week to recover from their injury.  This applies to Warcasters/Warlocks, Character Units (whole unit), Character Warjacks/Warbeasts, and Solos.
Totemgate - Similar to the NFL, our league has had a scandal involving intentional injury of characters (C on their card) during games.  However, this is highly encouraged by the league commissioner, and whomever injures (kills during a game) the most characters during the league will receive the Golden Totem Hunter.  If there is a tie, then the AP value of Characters killed will be used as a tiebreaker.

League Schedule

League Reporting Form
Things to Report:
-Name / Opponents Name
-Week Game Played
-CP Scored / Opponent CP Scored
-AP Destroyed / Opponent AP Destroyed
-Injuries Sustainted / Opponent Injuries Sustained

Champions League - Winner's Bracket
1st Place - Golden Champion, Gift Certificate
2nd Place - Silver Champion, Gift Certificate
3rd Place - Bronze Champion, Gift Certificate

Whelp League - Losers Bracket
1st Place - Golden Whelp
2nd Place - Silver Whelp
3rd Place - Bronze Whelp

Patches can be won by multiple participants
Hobby Patch - Play a game with a fully painted force
Combat - Kill 5 Characters of any kind
Alliance - Beat one non-conference Opponent
Participation - Play all 10 League Games

Totemgate Winner - Will win the Golden Totem Hunter

Thursday, September 13, 2012

04 - NoVA Open Results - 35 Point Tier Tournament

NameFactionScore (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Anthony G.Cygnar4 (13.0)(3)(140)
Phil A.Trollbloods4 (11.0)(5)(133)
Dan S.Khador3 (13.0)(6)(98)
Aramis C.Mercenaries3 (11.0)(0)(115)
Roger Y.Retribution of Scyrah3 (10.0)(5)(17)
Chris D.Protectorate of Menoth3 (10.0)(0)(132)
Ron L.Protectorate of Menoth3 (8.0)(4)(121)
Andrew L.Cygnar2 (13.0)(0)(130)
Danny M.Legion of Everblight2 (12.0)(3)(55)
Derek H.Cryx2 (11.0)(3)(95)
Q N.Khador2 (11.0)(0)(71)
Jeff G.Protectorate of Menoth2 (11.0)(0)(33)
Brandon L.Khador2 (10.0)(0)(103)
Adam S.Legion of Everblight2 (8.0)(4)(121)
Mason M.Legion of Everblight2 (5.0)(0)(82)
Michael A.Mercenaries1 (9.0)(0)(88)
Jeremy S.Cryx1 (9.0)(0)(68)
Bryan M.Minions1 (8.0)(3)(66)
Mansoor R.Minions1 (8.0)(0)(68)
Sean A.Cryx1 (6.0)(3)(46)
Gary F.Skorne1 (6.0)(2)(58)
Max ?Protectorate of Menoth1 (4.0)(0)(55)

03 - NoVA Open Results - 50 Point Hardcore Tournament

NameFactionScore (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Phillip A.Trollbloods5 (13.0)(1)(259)
Jake H.Cygnar4 (17.0)(0)(213)
Charlie M.Cygnar4 (13.0)(2)(139)
Tom H.Khador4 (11.0)(0)(226)
Chris F.Protectorate of Menoth4 (9.0)(0)(166)
Jason A.Protectorate of Menoth3 (17.0)(0)(115)
Paul R.Circle Orboros3 (15.0)(0)(154)
Anthony G.Cygnar3 (14.0)(0)(180)
Lee M.Trollbloods3 (13.0)(0)(126)
Gary F.Skorne3 (12.0)(2)(148)
Derek A.Cryx3 (8.0)(0)(163)
Mansoor D.Khador2 (12.0)(0)(138)
Danny M.Legion of Everblight2 (11.0)(2)(96)
Brandon L.Khador2 (10.0)(0)(163)
Andrew W.Legion of Everblight2 (10.0)(2)(92)
Jeff G.Protectorate of Menoth2 (10.0)(2)(62)
Andrew L.Cygnar1 (16.0)(0)(78)
Max N.Protectorate of Menoth1 (13.0)(0)(91)
Dan P.Cygnar1 (13.0)(0)(48)
Adam S.Legion of Everblight1 (12.0)(2)(73)
Aramis ?.Cygnar1 (10.0)(0)(49)

02 - NoVA Open Results - SR2012 35 Point Tournament

NameFactionScore (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Andrew W.Legion of Everblight4 (12.0)(4)(82)
Jake H.Cygnar3 (13.0)(5)(114)
Brandon L.Khador3 (13.0)(1)(137)
Derek A.Cryx3 (12.0)(3)(102)
Lee M.Trollbloods3 (10.0)(1)(104)
Chris D.Protectorate of Menoth3 (10.0)(1)(77)
Tom H.Khador3 (10.0)(0)(88)
Jeremy M.Cygnar2 (12.0)(5)(122)
Colin H.Circle Orboros2 (12.0)(0)(105)
Gary F.Skorne2 (11.0)(1)(88)
Jason A.Protectorate of Menoth2 (10.0)(2)(71)
Jeff G.Protectorate of Menoth2 (10.0)(1)(99)
Andrew L.Cygnar2 (10.0)(0)(89)
Adam S.Legion of Everblight2 (10.0)(0)(79)
Chris F.Protectorate of Menoth2 (9.0)(0)(85)
Chris O.Skorne1 (10.0)(2)(66)
Danny M.Legion of Everblight1 (9.0)(0)(78)
Dan P.Circle Orboros1 (9.0)(0)(33)
James C.Minions1 (8.0)(0)(58)
Jameson R.Circle Orboros1 (8.0)(0)(37)
Bryan M.Minions1 (6.0)(0)(68)
Derek A.Circle Orboros1 (0.0)(0)(0)

01 - NoVA Open Results - Master's Tournament/NoVA Open Championship 2012

NameFactionScore (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Lee M.Trollbloods4 (9.0)(0)(184)
Jake H.Cygnar3 (10.0)(7)(137)
Tom H.Khador3 (9.0)(3)(180)
Andrew W.Legion of Everblight3 (8.0)(6)(105)
Charlie M.Cygnar3 (6.0)(5)(142)
Jeremy M.Cygnar3 (1.0)(1)(117)
Jameson R.Circle Orboros2 (9.0)(0)(102)
Chris D.Protectorate of Menoth2 (7.0)(4)(119)
Dan S.Khador2 (7.0)(0)(89)
Anthony G.Cygnar1 (11.0)(3)(166)
Adam S.Legion of Everblight1 (9.0)(0)(63)
Brandon L.Khador1 (5.0)(2)(52)
Phillip A.Trollbloods1 (3.0)(3)(11)
Andrew L.Cygnar0 (7.0)(0)(32)
Bryan M.Minions0 (6.0)(0)(60)
Chris F.Protectorate of Menoth0 (3.0)(2)(38)