Thursday, September 20, 2012

05 - Dreamwizard's Warmachine/Hordes Football League

At Dreamwizards we have just kicked-off a Football style Match-up League, very similar to the one originated by Focus & Fury.  Below is a description of the league.  Pics and Injury reports will be reported as the league progresses.

Welcome to the 2012 Football League - The Champions League!
-1 Game Each Week, There will be 2 makeup weeks at the end of the regular season if needed
- 35 Point Regular Season / 50 Point Playoffs
- Use the scenario listed under each week's assignment

-Playoffs - From each Conference, the Division Leaders + Next 2 Best Records will move onto the playoffs.  Anyone who doesn't qualify for the playoffs can participate in the Whelp Tournament.  Playoffs are single elimination.
Injuries - Any character (C on their card) killed during a game must sit out one week to recover from their injury.  This applies to Warcasters/Warlocks, Character Units (whole unit), Character Warjacks/Warbeasts, and Solos.
Totemgate - Similar to the NFL, our league has had a scandal involving intentional injury of characters (C on their card) during games.  However, this is highly encouraged by the league commissioner, and whomever injures (kills during a game) the most characters during the league will receive the Golden Totem Hunter.  If there is a tie, then the AP value of Characters killed will be used as a tiebreaker.

League Schedule

League Reporting Form
Things to Report:
-Name / Opponents Name
-Week Game Played
-CP Scored / Opponent CP Scored
-AP Destroyed / Opponent AP Destroyed
-Injuries Sustainted / Opponent Injuries Sustained

Champions League - Winner's Bracket
1st Place - Golden Champion, Gift Certificate
2nd Place - Silver Champion, Gift Certificate
3rd Place - Bronze Champion, Gift Certificate

Whelp League - Losers Bracket
1st Place - Golden Whelp
2nd Place - Silver Whelp
3rd Place - Bronze Whelp

Patches can be won by multiple participants
Hobby Patch - Play a game with a fully painted force
Combat - Kill 5 Characters of any kind
Alliance - Beat one non-conference Opponent
Participation - Play all 10 League Games

Totemgate Winner - Will win the Golden Totem Hunter

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